Welcome,  Curtis acquired this domain mainly to use the email addresses, 

don't expect much to appear here.  He is very lazy.....

You can however see some things by clicking the links below...

Our Japan web site             Click here for Galaxy

Kevin's site                                                                New pictures from Kevin's school 5/24/07

Curtis' resume etc.

Kevin's old site  Manato's site Sakura's site                                     CHRISTMAS 07

Fun with Google Maps

Loose change video                                                                                Manato's Graduation from Pre-school

My friend Malick from Ivory Coast

Curtis' email  curtis@plagges.com   cell 090-2289-2447   from the states dial 011-81-90-2289-2447 (expensive)

call in NM (rings here in Japan) 505-349-0353  (cheap)

Great picnic spot and baseball practice...